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Peltier Air Conditioner

Peltier Air Conditoner

200W / 120W

 DC 48V 

Heating Capability Available

Compact, lightweight, thermoelectric cooling systems for electrical/electronic equipment enclosures.

Cabinet Air Conditioner

 AC300W – 5000W

• DC300W – 4000W

Heating Capability Available 

Cabinet air conditioner has short air duct, well distributed airflow and closed loop cooling design. The protective cover is integrated.

Air to Air Heat Exchanger

air to air heat exchanger


-48V/ 220V

• Without refrigerant

Air to air plate heat exchanger is a cooling solution for cabinets, suitable for various challenging environments.

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Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Solutions

With the development of communication technology, the 5G era is approaching. As a communication operator, a large number of communication base stations and outdoor communication cabinets need to be established. The temperature control of the electronic equipment in the cabinet is a problem that cannot be ignored, which directly affects the service life of the equipment and the stability of the communication network signal.

Battery Electric Cabinet Solutions

Excessive ambient temperature has a great impact on the service life of the battery. When the temperature rises, the corrosion of the battery plate will increase, and more water will be consumed at the same time, which will shorten the battery life. The battery can be obtained in an environment of 25″C Longer service life, if the long-term operating temperature increases by 10°C, the service life will be reduced by about half.

battery cabinet


Founded in 2010 with registered capital of USD8,000,000, Chengdu Hop Technology Co., Ltd. is a cabinet air conditioner manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing Energy-saving thermal control and energy management products and solutions for telecommunication, electric power, energy, environmental protection and other industrial applications. Based on eight years experience in serving Chinese top 3 telecommunication operators, Hop technology has been the leading supplier of cabinet air conditioner, computer room air conditioner, and smart energy control device and system. Every year we devote a great sum for R&D. Now we have received 16 Utility Model Patents, 3 Invention patents, 6 software certificates, and 6 Software product copyright certificates. Meanwhile, we have been strictly controlling product quality and development process according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 to ensure 100% qualified and safe products for our partner. We are the largest cabinet air conditioner manufacturer in China.

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