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Air to Air Heat Exchanger for Cabinet Selection Guide

Cabinet heat exchanger is a device for heat transfer, usually used to improve the air quality and energy saving in the cabinet. It maintains the temperature and air quality inside the cabinet by transferring heat in the ventilation system inside and outside the cabinet, expels hot air from inside the cabinet, and draws in fresh cool air from outside the cabinet.

The working principle is similar to that of an air conditioning system, but it does not cool the air like an air conditioner, but uses the transferred heat to balance the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cabinet. This type of equipment is commonly used in cooling systems for communication cabinets, battery cabinets and electrical control cabinets.


Generally, the use of air heat exchangers in cabinets aims to improve the thermal management of the cabinet and reduce the operating temperature by transferring heat between the environment inside and outside the cabinet to improve the reliability and life of the equipment.

The following are the characteristics of Cabinet heat exchanger:

High heat exchange efficiency: The Cabinet heat exchanger adopts efficient heat exchange technology, which can quickly transfer heat from the inside of the cabinet to the external environment, thereby reducing the temperature inside the cabinet.

Energy saving: By using an cabinet heat exchanger, energy consumption in the cabinet can be reduced because the heat exchanger can transfer heat to the environment without using the cooling equipment inside the cabinet.

Reduced cabinet interior space: Cabinet air heat exchangers generally do not require cabinet interior space, so more equipment can be installed inside the cabinet.

Ease of Installation: Air heat exchangers are often simpler to install than some other thermal management solutions because they do not need to be installed inside the cabinet.


Cabinet heat exchange achieves the purpose of cooling by exchanging hot and cold air inside and outside the cabinet, so the lower the applicable ambient temperature, the better the effect of heat exchange.
The ambient temperature in low-latitude areas is low all year round, and the effect of using cabinet heat exchange to cool down the cabinet will be very good. However, the ambient temperature in high-latitude areas is high all year round. At this time, using cabinet heat exchange will not improve the temperature inside the cabinet too much.
Therefore, whether to choose cabinet heat exchange should be considered according to the actual ambient temperature of the communication cabinet, and then the power and air volume of the cabinet heat exchange should be considered.

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