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Cabinet Air Conditioner

cabinet air conditioner

• AC300W – 5000W

• DC300W – 4000W

• Heating Capability Available 

Cabinet air conditioner has short air duct, well distributed airflow and closed loop cooling design. The protective cover is integrated, thus no air conditioner cover is needed on cabinet.

Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

outdoor telecom cabinet

• IP65 / IP55

 7U~42U Support Customize 

• 19″ Rack

Provide protection from vandalism, dust, rain, snow and dripping water. IP65 cabinet,walls and roof in double steel with high quality insulation.

Peltier Air Conditoner

Thermoelectric air conditioner

200W / 120W

DC 48V

Heating Capability Available

Compact, lightweight, thermoelectric cooling systems for electrical/electronic equipment enclosures.

Air to Air Heat Exchanger

air to air heat exchanger

 190W / 150W / 120W / 80W

• DC-48V

No Refrigerant

Small and efficient cooling solution for various kinds of cabinets. There is no compressor inside heat exchanger, thus it uses significantly less energy and produce little or no pollution.

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