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Cross flow Air To Air Heat Exchanger


Input Voltage: DC48V

IP Level: IP44

Communication interface: RS485

 Rated power motor: 35W

Operating temperature range:-15℃~ +75℃

Comply with CE and ROHS standards

• Rated air volume: 400 m3/h


The DC cross flow air to air heat exchanger can automatically control the opening and closing of the fresh air system according to the parameters preset by the user by detecting the temperature inside and outside the cabinet, relying on a large amount of air circulation to effectively transfer the heat in the cabinet to the outside, and realize the heat dissipation of the equipment in the cabinet. . Through the use of the fresh air system, under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, the maximum energy saving is achieved, thereby saving operating costs. 


The intelligent fresh air system of the cabinet is mainly composed of air inlet device, filter device, exhaust device, controller, environmental monitoring sensor and other installation accessories.

Product advantages

 The system has a self-starting function for incoming calls;
 The system has sensor fault judgment and alarm functions, as well as fault display and query functions;
 The cross flow air to air heat exchanger has the storage function of alarm information, operation records and other information. The local storage capacity is 500 pieces of alarm information and 100 pieces of operation records;
 The system adopts a micro-processing controller with a Chinese operating interface, which can be easily inquired and set up on site; it can display the temperature inside and outside the cabinet, system operation status, and operation control mode by means of numerical values, text and light signals (manual or automatic can be selected) Operating mode), accumulated operating hours and alarm information, etc.;
 The system is equipped with two-stage filtering devices: the first stage is a stainless steel dust-proof and insect-proof net, which can block leaves, catkins, mosquitoes, animals, etc., and can prevent rainwater from intruding; the second stage uses a G4 grade medium high-efficiency filter, which can effectively purify the cabinet The air inside
 The system is equipped with parameter information storage. After the system is powered off, the set various parameters such as communication interface address, baud rate, various alarm thresholds, etc. are saved intact, and normal operation will be restored after the power is received;

application of cross flow air to air heat exchanger
Model number
Rated air volume
400 m³/h
Rated voltage
Rated current
Rated motor power
System energy efficiency ratio
Noise Outdoor
≤50dB (measured at 1m away from the equipment)
Display accuracy temperature
Differential pressure control accuracy
Temperature sensor configuration
Indoor: 2 channels; Outdoor: 2 roads;
Communication interface
RS485 (optional)
System mean time between failures (MTBF)
≥20000 hours
Working humidity
≤90%, no condensation;
Protection grade
Working temperature

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