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Misting Cooling System


Chassis size : 700*560*950/950*600*1100 mm

Outlet pressure : 2-8MPa

Inlet pressure : 2.5- 5Kg

Power supply : AC220V/380V- -50Hz

Noise : 72-86dB



1. Self-diagnosing operating faults and automatic voice prompts, manual manual control on site, and unattended automatic control.

2. Multi-function remote control, radar, infrared, ground-sensing linkage control, single-stage delay, cycle delay, cycle lock, manual lock, automatic lock, etc.

3. Automatic restart after power failure, remote automatic trigger.

4. Overload protection (alarm threshold and sensitivity adjustable) \ phase loss protection (alarm sensitivity adjustable) \ water shortage and anti-shake protection (intelligent recovery possible).

5. Intelligent maintenance oil timing prompt (alarm threshold adjustable).

6. Operating environment temperature monitoring and protection, emergency stop can trigger power failure.

7. The time period setting can be customized every day, up to 9 timings per day, and the maximum start/stop interval is more than 15 hours.

8. Real-time monitoring and display of main engine operating parameters (such as current, temperature, oil life, cumulative operating time, water level, etc.).

9. Multi-function automatic control of water intake, custom control of high and middle water intake.

10. Automatic timing flushing and sewage discharge.

11. Pressure output monitoring and control.

12. 485 communication control interface, support standard MODBUS-_RTU protocol. Support start/stop, parameter adjustment, running parameter monitoring, emergency lock stop and other functions.

13. Dry contact signal control interface for jogging, self-locking, interlocking, locking, etc.

14. Timing, temperature, humidity control automatic mode conversion

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Professional Water Pump.

Boto/AR/Hawker/Hongye (optional) Good heat dissipation and high durability High load intensity, safe and stable operation

Brand Motor

Hudi/ABB (optional)
High efficiency, good performance and low noise. Long service life, easy installation and maintenance.

Pilot-operated Controllable Water Inlet Solenoid Valve

Good sealing and corrosion resistance High-quality copper core coils ensure stable operation of the equipment

Horizontal Filter Element

High filtration accuracy, long filter replacement cycle, double-layer 304 high vacuum stainless steel material, antibacterial and corrosion resistance, safe and healthy

External Disc Pressure Indicator

High precision and stable performance Stainless steel matte material, durable and beautiful

Digital Touch Screen

Integrated design, smart panel, aluminum alloy die-casting shell, Can meet various high visualization requirements at the device level

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