Temperature Control Scheme of Telecom Outdoor Cabinet Ⅱ

3. Cabinet air conditioner series with integrated heat exchanger   
The basic idea of cooling cabinet air conditioner with integrated heat exchanger is to make full use of the cooling capacity in the outdoor air and cool the machine room by means of heat exchange. Only using the cooling capacity of outdoor fresh air, the indoor air is cooled by heat exchange and then sent back to the room. Through the control system, the heat exchanger is linked with the cabinet air conditioning equipment. When the outdoor temperature is too high and the fresh air can not meet the purpose of discharging all the cooling load, the cabinet air conditioning equipment will start automatically to ensure that the internal temperature of the cabinet is within the normal range.   
●   It adopts unique double machine system of heat exchanger and cabinet air conditioner, which has high reliability, especially suitable for communication industry;   
●   In different temperature environment, two sets of independently controlled refrigeration systems can work independently or simultaneously;   
●   Using cooling medium without fckw (Freon), environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency;    
●   High efficiency and energy saving, heat exchanger can replace the cabinet air conditioner to cool the cabinet in a large part of the time, the effect is obvious, the general power saving effect is more than 30%, reducing the power consumption of the communication room;   ●   The working time of the cabinet air conditioner is relatively reduced, so as to prolong its service life and reduce the investment cost and maintenance cost of the computer room.
4. Air conditioning door control box series   Air conditioning door control box is a perfect temperature control equipment composed of control box and air conditioning device. The temperature control scheme generally has two forms: one is to make the whole door body of the control box into an air conditioning device, the other is to make part of the door body into an air conditioning device A complete solution is formed, in which the air-conditioning device is embedded in the door, which becomes the most ideal “cooling station”. The deep profile air-conditioning door with air-conditioning device is an integral part of the control box.   The cooling form of air-conditioning door control box does not need to cut or export air pipeline, which saves the trouble of re installing refrigeration equipment on the control box, thus saving customers’ time and installation costs.   
5. Air conditioning system with digital variable multi connected technology        
Digital variable multi connected technology air conditioning system is composed of outdoor unit of variable capacity scroll compressor and multiple indoor units which can be controlled separately by adopting digital pulse width regulation control technology.

DVM is a new generation of modular multi connected system, which belongs to advanced air conditioning technology. Its installation and maintenance convenience and flexibility make it more able to meet the needs of air conditioning market, The maximum piping length of the unit is 100 meters, and the height difference can reach 60 meters. Due to the high degree of intensification of the unit, there is no need to set up a computer room, which saves effective space for users.      Pulse width modulation digital scroll compressor technology (PWM) can automatically adjust the cooling and heating capacity according to the load, so as to effectively reduce the operating cost.

The essence of the technology is that the compressor itself has the characteristics of “axial flexibility”. When the scroll plate is moved upward, the compressor has no mass flow, and the compressor has zero capacity at this time, and does not work for refrigerants, that is, “unloading state”. When the fixed scroll plate returns to its original engagement, it is the state of the ordinary scroll compressor when it is running. All the refrigerant passes through the compressor, and the compressor does work on the refrigerant.

At this time, the capacity of the compressor is 100%, which is called the compressor  “ Load status. The digital scroll compressor realizes the small movement of the scroll plate (axial movement 0.6 ~ 1 mm) by precisely controlling the action and time of the PWM valve, so as to continuously change the lifting and meshing of the fixed scroll plate, that is, to change the cycle time of “load” and “unload” to realize the variable capacity adjustment, According to the requirements of system capacity, the external solenoid valve controls the “rise” and “recovery” of the scroll plate through the system signal, so that the compressor can automatically adjust the ratio of on-off time, realize the “0-1” output, reflect the digital function, and effectively reduce the operation cost.     

five   The transformation loss of digital scroll compressor from “load state” to “unload state” is only 10%, which is lower than the comprehensive energy loss of frequency conversion compressor. Moreover, digital scroll technology can make the compressor operate in the range of 10% to 100% capacity, realizing stepless regulation in the whole range, and making the energy regulation range wider.   characteristic:   
●   It can be combined flexibly according to the actual energy demand;   ●   The whole combined system adopts distributed control, and each unit adopts independent refrigeration system, which can automatically adjust the load in different seasons and temperatures to ensure the operation in the state of energy saving;   
●   Provide stepless capacity output, can ensure the temperature control accuracy in the range of 0 ± 5 ℃, other types of air conditioning 2-3 ℃;   
●   Running at a single speed will not produce additional noise and vibration and cause adverse effects on the surrounding environment. The noise of indoor unit is very low, which is far lower than the national standard for indoor noise;   
●   When the digital scroll compressor is running, the load unloading of the scroll is a simple mechanical movement, which will not produce high-order harmonics and electromagnetic interference;   
●   No oil separator or return oil circulation system is needed, and the gas flow rate is used to make the lubricating oil flow to the compressor fully, so that the compressor will not be burned due to poor return oil.

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