Data center computer room power environment monitoring system

What is a power environment monitoring system?

The computer room power environment monitoring system monitors the operating status, temperature, humidity, power supply voltage, current, frequency and other electrical parameters of the computer room (such as power supply and distribution systems, UPS power supplies, lightning protection devices, air conditioners, fire protection systems, security access control systems, etc.) as well as The power distribution switch status, leakage system, etc. are monitored in real time and historical data is recorded. Through centralized monitoring of digital and analog signals such as telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment in the computer room, efficient management and safe operation and maintenance of the computer room are achieved.

power environment monitoring system
Why use power environment monitoring?

The data center computer room is at the core of information exchange management. The normal operation of all equipment in the computer room at all times is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the data center. Once a piece of equipment fails, it poses a threat to data transmission, storage and system operation, which will affect the operation of the global system. If it cannot be handled in time, it is more likely to damage the hardware equipment, causing immeasurable economic losses. However, it is difficult for managers to ensure full real-time monitoring of the operation of all equipment in the computer room through manual inspections.

Structural composition of environmental power monitoring system

The computer room environment power monitoring system consists of on-site sensors and detection equipment, communication equipment, host computer and software. The characteristic of computer room environmental power monitoring is mainly data collection, supplemented by equipment control. The collected data can be further processed, such as generating data reports, alarm data summary, data analysis and other operations.

power environment monitoring system
Functions implemented by the computer room power environment monitoring system

The computer room power environment monitoring system mainly implements real-time monitoring functions, alarm and event functions, and can store historical data records and data analysis functions. Common monitoring objects include: UPS power supply, air conditioning equipment, water leakage detection, power distribution system, generator, The actual temperature and humidity of the computer room, ventilation system, lightning protection system, fire protection system, video surveillance, access control monitoring, network equipment, etc., the system can realize intuitive monitoring and display of the equipment in the computer room through advanced 3D modeling technology. The 3D monitoring page is as follows:

power environment monitoring system

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