Types of Air Conditioner for Electric panel

As the advent of the 5G communication era, the electric equipment in each telecom cabinet has gradually increased, and the heat generated per unit time has also increased. If the temperature cannot be lowered artificially, the electric equipment will stop working under extremely high cabinet temperature. Cabinet air conditioner is the best solution for electric panel equipment cooling.

AC&DC cabinet air conditioners can be used in indoor cabinets as well as outdoor cabinets. The input voltage is AC187-253V/DC48V, 50HZ/60HZ. The minimum cooling capacity is 600W, and the maximum is 5000W. Non-condensing water design can be selected. The air conditioner adopts a closed refrigeration cycle and an integrated design to protect the equipment from harsh environments. In addition to communication equipment cabinets, it can also be used in transportation, textiles, automobiles, new energy, machine tools and other fields

The TEC air conditioner adopts -48V DC power supply and semiconductor cooling/heating technology, which is very suitable for small cabinets, such as battery cabinets. The minimum cooling capacity is 120W, and the maximum is 200W. Because the cooling capacity is not high, it can only be applied to small cabinets or cabinets that do not produce high heat. 

In addition to the above two, there is a special air to air heat exchanger that can also be used to cool the cabinet, but it has higher environmental requirements. It uses the air in the switch cabinet to achieve the purpose of cooling, and there is no suitable compressor and condensate. , More environmentally friendly.

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