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How to choose the compressor of the outdoor communication cabinet air conditioner and what factors need to be considered. The following is the experience summed up by our many years of manufacturing cabinet air conditioners.

1. Select AC fixed frequency compressor. Compared with the AC fixed frequency system, the DC variable frequency system has more variable frequency drive modules and more complex control logic. However, the cabinet air conditioner is used outdoors, considering the air conditioner failure rate and system stability, the AC fixed frequency compressor is more suitable.

2. Wider evaporation and condensation temperature range, more suitable for the air conditioner to operate stably under 55 ℃/55 ℃ conditions.

3. If the compressor’s coefficient of performance is higher and the energy consumption is lower, the cabinet air conditioner will be more energy efficient.

4. Outdoor base station cabinets are usually installed in remote mountainous areas or on the side of the road. The power wiring is too far or the power is directly connected from the light pole, and the voltage is usually low. Therefore, a lower starting voltage is more conducive to the starting performance of the outdoor cabinet air conditioner.

5. Calculated according to the cooling capacity of 1 500 W, the displacement of the R134a compressor is about 12 cm3.

6. The compressor with smaller size has more structural advantages for the compact air conditioner and heat pipe integrated air conditioner.

So, when we are choosing a compressor, we can start from the above 6 points and choose a suitable compressor, which can ensure a longer life of the cabinet air conditioner and a lower failure rate.

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