Telecom Cabinet Material Selection Guide


The Telecom cabinet is a facility for storing network equipment and communication equipment to protect the safe operation and long-term use of these equipment. The material of the cabinet is an important factor to consider when choosing a cabinet. This article will introduce the material types of telecom cabinets and their respective advantages and disadvantages to help you choose the cabinet that suits your needs.

Metal Material

Metal material is currently the most common material in communication cabinets, mainly including steel plates and aluminum alloys. Steel cabinets are more common, while aluminum alloy cabinets are becoming more and more popular. The advantages of steel plate cabinets are firm structure, good shock resistance, and relatively low price. However, the disadvantage of steel cabinets is that they are heavy and difficult to install and maintain. Aluminum alloy cabinets are popular because of their light weight and good heat dissipation, but their prices are relatively high.

Plastic Material

Cabinets made of plastic are mainly used for smaller equipment, such as routers and switches. The advantages of plastic cabinets are light weight, low price, and relatively simple installation and maintenance. However, the shock resistance of the plastic cabinet is not good enough, and it is vulnerable to external physical impact and damage.

Fiberglass Material

Cabinets made of glass fiber are mainly used in environments that need to resist corrosion and acidic substances, such as strong acid and strong alkali factories. The advantages of fiberglass cabinets are good corrosion resistance, light weight, and easy cleaning and maintenance. However, fiberglass cabinets are expensive and not suitable for general communication equipment.

How to choose the communication cabinet material

When selecting the material of the communication cabinet, comprehensive consideration should be made according to the size and weight of the equipment, the installation environment, and the required safety and protection. For larger or heavier equipment, steel or aluminum alloy cabinets can be selected, while for smaller equipment, plastic cabinets are a good choice. If there are corrosive or acidic and alkaline substances in the use environment, you can choose fiberglass cabinets. It should be noted that when choosing a cabinet, you should ensure that the size of the cabinet matches the size of the equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.


The material of telecom cabinet is an important factor to consider when selecting the cabinet. Different materials have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and should be selected according to actual needs. Choosing a suitable communication cabinet material can better protect the safety and long-term use of the equipment. I hope this article will help you choose the material of the communication cabinet.

Telecom Cabinet Material Selection

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