How To Choose Cooling System For Cabinet

With the development of the industry, the heat in the cabinet has become an issue that must be paid attention to. Choosing a suitable refrigeration system for electronic equipment cabinets such as power cabinets, battery cabinets, and communication cabinets can make the equipment in the cabinets have a longer service life.

Choose different refrigeration systems according to direct current and alternating current

In addition to the conventional cabinet air conditioners that use 220V AC, we also have cabinet air conditioners that use 48V DC. Therefore, you can choose a suitable refrigeration system according to the actual situation of the cabinet site. If the voltage does not meet the requirements, an external voltage converter can be connected to make the voltage reach the required voltage value of the refrigeration system.

Choose different refrigeration systems according to the refrigeration capacity

The size of the space in each cabinet, the ambient temperature and the heat generated by the equipment will affect the final cooling effect. We can calculate how much cooling capacity is suitable for our cabinet according to the following calculation formula.

The calculation formula for the selection of electric cabinet air conditioner: oT=To-Ti Qr=5.5xAx0T Qt=1.1x(Qi+Qr)

To: ambient temperature (°C)

Ti: Temperature in the control box (C)

o T: Temperature difference between inside and outside the control box (C)

Qr: Heat transfer of control box (W)

Qi: Heat generated in the control box (W)

A: Surface area of control box (W)

Qt: required cooling capacity (W)

Choose different refrigeration systems according to the refrigeration principle

We have DC tec air conditioners that use semiconductor refrigeration/heating technology, AC and DC cabinet air conditioners that use R134a refrigerant, and air to air heat exchangers that use heat transfer effect. You can choose the appropriate refrigeration system according to your actual needs.

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