Why Use Precision Air Conditioners in Small Computer Rooms?

According to relevant statistics, about 100,000 computer rooms are built every year in China, 80% of which are medium and small computer rooms with an area of less than 100 square meters, and most of these computer rooms use general comfort air conditioners. The computer room cannot use ordinary air conditioners, but precision air conditioners are required. Because the main purpose of ordinary air conditioners is only to provide users with suitable temperature, and the humidity cannot be controlled.

The electronic equipment in the computer room usually mainly includes computer equipment such as servers, switches, optical transceivers, and UPSs. These devices will emit heat into the computer room in the form of heat transfer, convection, and radiation. These heat only cause the temperature in the computer room to rise. If The humidity in the computer room is too humid or too dry, which has a great impact on the electronic equipment in the computer room. The heat dissipation of the equipment in the computer room is a steady-state heat source, and it runs continuously throughout the year. This requires an uninterrupted air conditioning and refrigeration system.

At the same time, there are also high requirements for the power supply of air-conditioning equipment. Not only does it need to have two-way mains mutual input, but also requires the air-conditioning system to have a generator set as a backup power supply. wet environment.

In addition to constant temperature and humidity, factors that require the use of precision air conditioners in computer rooms include:

precision air conditioners

Reason 1: High reliability

(1) The function of the control system is closely related to the overall function of the air conditioning system. A highly sophisticated control system can ensure the reliability of the air conditioner in the computer room

Many manufacturers of special air conditioners for computer rooms have specially developed a series of controllers as an integral part of the air conditioning system. It is very common to use electronic controllers or microcomputer controls. Some companies have applied precision control technology to special air conditioners for computer rooms. in the system. For example, it can record the running time of each main component and carry out fault diagnosis;

The management personnel can also set the automatic protection of the parameters, even if there is a power failure, the operation parameters and alarm records can be saved, and the system can store 30 historical alarm information. In addition, the excellent human-computer interaction interface allows the management personnel to quickly and conveniently display the functions of the system to the best.

(2) The power grid adaptability of the precision air conditioner in the computer room is also an important indicator for judging its function

Taking small computer rooms such as mobile base stations and field computer rooms as examples, they are generally in a harsh grid environment, and the grid voltage fluctuates greatly, which requires that the corresponding cooling system has good grid adaptability. For example, the ultra-wide input voltage design is adopted, and the allowable voltage fluctuation range is ±20; it has a unique phase loss protection function and phase sequence detection function, high and low voltage automatic monitoring and protection functions; it has the phase sequence misalignment automatic adjustment function, which can realize the automatic start of incoming calls . Only in this way can the refrigeration system operate efficiently and reliably in the harsh grid environment.

(3) The nature of the small computer room determines its high reliability requirements for the air conditioning system

In general, refrigeration problems have little effect, but the reliability of the air conditioner in the computer room is not high, which will threaten the security of the entire computer room equipment and even the entire network. Therefore, in terms of design, the reliability of the special air conditioner for the computer room is much higher than that of the general air conditioner. High standard requirements are adopted in the design and manufacture of the structure and control system, as well as the composition of the air conditioning system. According to the 24-hour operation plan, 365 days a year, And each product has passed the strict factory test, which can ensure the trouble-free operation of the equipment all year round.

(4) The most important thing for a computer room is reliability

To run 8,760 hours a year without failure, reliable components and excellent control systems are required for computer room air conditioners. Generally, the computer room is mostly N+1 backup. If one air conditioner fails, the other air conditioners can immediately take over the entire system.

Reason 2: Precise control

For small computer rooms, due to the small area, few equipments, and low heat generation, the general comfort air conditioner seems to be able to control the temperature within a certain range and “achieve” the effect of cooling, but in detail, the temperature control is only One aspect of computer room environment regulation, in addition, temperature control accuracy, humidity regulation, air filtration, etc. are also important target requirements for the computer room environment on the refrigeration system.

The planning of general comfort air conditioners is aimed at the family environment or the general working environment, and cannot meet the above-mentioned policy requirements.

(1) Humidity

In terms of humidity control, comfort air conditioners have no humidification function at all, and can only perform dehumidification, so humidity control cannot be performed. In the computer room, if the humidity is too high, it will condense into water mist or even water droplets, and if the humidity is too low, it will generate static electricity. Both of these conditions are very unfavorable to the operation of the equipment. For the special air conditioner in the computer room, humidity control is an extremely important parameter, and its humidity control accuracy can generally reach ±5. The high ventilation efficiency can also keep the humidity stable, so that the relative humidity can be fluctuated within 50% ± 5% RH, ensuring the operation performance of the equipment in the computer room.

(2) temperature

In terms of temperature control accuracy, since the number of air changes of the comfortable air conditioner is only 5-15 times per hour, the temperature adjustment accuracy is ±3-5°C, which can basically meet the temperature and cooling requirements of the general environment. The field distribution is uneven. This kind of cooling precision can only ensure the temperature at the near-end equipment of the air conditioner. In comparison, the air change frequency of the precision air conditioner in the computer room is 30-60 times per hour. The high-power air change capacity enables the air conditioning system to Sensing the temperature fluctuation of the entire computer room ensures that the temperature adjustment accuracy of the computer room is maintained at about 1°C, thereby ensuring the overall cooling of the computer room.

(3) Cleanliness

In addition to temperature and humidity, the computer room also has strict requirements on the cleanliness of the air. Dust and corrosive gases in the air will seriously damage the life of electronic components, causing problems such as poor contact and short circuit. The filter cannot meet the cleanliness requirements of the computer room, while the precision air conditioner in the computer room has high-efficiency air filtration capabilities, which can remove dust and filter the circulating air according to relevant specifications, so that the computer room can ensure the required cleanliness, and then ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

(4) High-precision planning

The precision air conditioner in the computer room can not only adjust the temperature, but also adjust the humidity, and the precision is very high. Computers, especially servers, have particularly high requirements on temperature and humidity. If the temperature and humidity change too much, computer calculation errors may occur, which will have a great impact on service providers, especially the banking and communication industries. Today’s precision air conditioners in computer rooms generally require a temperature accuracy of ±2°C and a humidity accuracy of ±5%. The precision air conditioner in the computer room can achieve a temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C and a humidity accuracy of ±2%.

precision air conditioners

Reason 3: High efficiency and energy saving

Because the computer room generates a lot of heat, and some IDC computer rooms have a heat generation of more than 30kw/㎡, so they are cooled all year round.

What needs to be mentioned here is that the precision air conditioner in the computer room also has a heater, but it is activated during dehumidification. It should be because the air outlet temperature should be relatively low during dehumidification to prevent the room temperature from dropping too quickly (the temperature change in the computer room should not exceed 1°C every 10 minutes, and the humidity should not exceed 5% per hour). In terms of high efficiency and energy saving, general comfort The air conditioner obviously cannot be compared with the special air conditioner for the computer room. From the perspective of sensible heat ratio, the sensible heat ratio of special air conditioners for computer rooms is as high as 80%-90%, that is to say, 90% of the power is used to effectively cool down the equipment, and only about 10% of the energy consumption is used for moderate dehumidification; and comfortable The sensible heat ratio of the permanent air conditioner is 60%-70%, and 30%-40% of the power is used for excessive dehumidification. This situation easily leads to low humidity in the computer room, which not only threatens the equipment with static electricity, but also greatly wastes electric energy.

From the perspective of energy efficiency ratio, the energy efficiency ratio of industrial-grade compressors used in computer room special air conditioners is as high as 3.3, while the comfort air conditioners currently use compressors with an energy efficiency ratio of about 2.9, which is much lower than that of computer room special air conditioners.

Environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction have become the common goals of various industries, and therefore are also an important consideration in the construction of data centers or computer rooms, and the cooling system has received more attention. According to a research report submitted by the US Environmental Protection Agency to the US Congress, the cooling system accounts for about 40% of the electricity consumption of the data center.

Therefore, precision air conditioners are of great significance for energy saving and consumption reduction in data centers or computer rooms.

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