5 Reasons Why The Fresh Air Of Cabinet Is Not Easy To Be locked

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First of all, we can answer this question. In general, the fresh air unit will not be blocked. The current fresh air unit has many anti-clogging measures, so it is extremely difficult for the fresh air unit to be blocked.

Reasons why the fresh air of cabinet is not easy to be blocked:

1. Scaling problem: When the temperature exceeds 60℃, the calcium and aluminum ions in the water will dissolve and cause scaling. The required temperature range of the fresh air system is 18℃-40℃, which is not easily caused by scaling problems. In addition, because the inner cavity of the fresh air is very smooth, even if there is a slight scale, it is not easy to cause blockage.

2. Blockage of large and fine particles: All systems are equipped with filter systems to prevent large and fine particles from entering the fresh air.

3. The harm of other pipelines in the system to fresh air: For the design of large and medium-sized systems, a separate circulation system is generally selected according to the plate heat exchanger to be separated from the large-scale system.

4. Corrosion resistance: The system uses corrosion-resistant pipelines and valve components. PPR raw materials have good corrosion resistance and can withstand strong acid and strong alkali aqueous solutions for a long time.

5. Biological sludge: The spiral valve can actively separate and remove the dissolved gas in the water, keep the water in the system at the unsaturated gas content, and reduce the gas content in the system to about 0.5%. Such a small amount of gas oxygen is not easy to cause erosion and biological sludge in the system.

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