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Industrial air conditioner refer to air conditioners that provide environmental temperature, humidity, and cleanliness guarantees for the reliable operation of industrial product production processes or industrial process equipment. For example, constant temperature and humidity cabinet air conditioner used to ensure the normal operation of electrical control indoor equipment, and special air conditioners for high temperature environments used in mobile bridge cranes in steelmaking workshops. Low-temperature unit air conditioners used in meat processing workshops are all industrial air conditioners.

Industrial air conditioners are different from household air conditioners or civil air conditioners in many aspects. Industrial air conditioners belong to the category of craft air conditioners, and household air conditioners or civil air conditioners belong to the category of comfort air conditioners. The design of industrial air conditioners is mainly aimed at ensuring process requirements, while the comfort of indoor personnel is secondary.

The power consumption of industrial air conditioners is generally large, ranging from tens of kW to several thousand kW, generally 3N~380V 50Hz power supply is used. Industrial air conditioners are generally designed to operate 24 hours a day and throughout the year, with a service life of more than 15 years. Therefore, the main components of industrial air conditioners, such as compressors, condensers, throttling devices, evaporators, fans, motors, electrical components, etc., all adopt well-known brand products with high performance and reliability.

In terms of manufacturing process, industrial air conditioners generally adopt all-steel sheet metal structure and panel electrostatic spray paint treatment. Has high anti-corrosion durability. Industrial air conditioners must be tested for performance before leaving the factory to ensure that they meet the design requirements. After being transported to the user, the unit will go through installation and commissioning processes. After the commissioning is successful, the unit will be officially put into operation.

Industrial air conditioners are different from household air conditioners because of different requirements for cooling temperature, ambient temperature, and humidity. Industrial special air conditioners are also called low temperature air conditioners or cold storage air conditioners according to the low temperature requirements of refrigeration. The heat dissipation environment temperature is higher than 45 degrees, also known as high temperature special air conditioner. According to the customer’s demand for simultaneous control of air temperature and humidity, a constant temperature and humidity air conditioner has been developed, which has four functions: cooling, heating, dehumidification, and humidification. Meet the constant temperature and humidity of the air in the production environment space of precision equipment. The air outlet temperature of this machine is 15-25℃, and the relative humidity is 40%-80%. And temperature and humidity can be controlled at the same time. For the purification workshop, the filter section of the junior high school can be installed (this machine is called the combined air-conditioning unit).

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