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Problems caused by high temperature of outdoor integrated cabinet

China Shanxi Telecom has about 1456 integrated cabinets. In May 2016, the temperature of 424 sites exceeded 40 degrees, and the temperature of some sites exceeded 50 degrees. The related equipment in the integrated cabinets could not operate normally, and the following abnormal alarms often appeared:

1. Abnormal communication status

2. The maintenance link of the radio unit is abnormal

3. BBU board is powered off, RRU is interrupted, 1X call is abnormal,

These exceptions can cause the following problems:

1. Cause the base station to flicker frequently,

2. Decreased board performance,

3. When the user is talking, the call drops, the call fails,

4. Network quality deteriorates, performance indicators deteriorate, and user perception deteriorates.

The following is a detailed analysis of the high temperature problem of the integrated cabinet.

Causes of high temperature in integrated outdoor cabinets

1. In the initial stage of the integrated cabinet design, up to 2 BBU can be installed. The air conditioning configuration of the cabinet basically adopts the lowest configuration (300W), but in reality, with the expansion of the equipment, there are more than 2 BBU in most cabinets;

2. In some sites, the BTS is directly installed in the integrated cabinet, and the load is large, resulting in high temperature in the cabinet, and the overall heat generation of the cabinet has exceeded the maximum cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

3. In some cabinets, only heat exchange equipment is installed, and no cabinet air conditioner is installed, and the temperature in the integrated cabinet cannot be controlled.

Analysis of the high temperature problem of the integrated outdoor cabinet

1. The ambient temperature rises, causing the cooling efficiency of the air-conditioning cabinet to gradually decrease.

When the ambient temperature exceeds 50°C, the refrigeration efficiency of the air conditioner will be very low. When it exceeds 55″C, the air conditioner will stop working. A continuous increase in ambient temperature will cause high temperature protection of the air conditioner and even damage the compressor. Long-term full-load operation can lead to failure High rate and low service life.

2. Insufficient air conditioning configuration of the cabinet is the main reason for the high temperature of the integrated cabinet

The total heat output of the cabinet with the lowest configuration has exceeded 550W, but the basic configuration of the air conditioner is only 300W. In some cities, the main equipment in the 3G integrated cabinet is BTS, and the equipment’s own load exceeds 700W.

3. The installation position and orientation of the integrated cabinet is another cause of high temperature

The integrated cabinet is mainly installed on the roof because it mainly carries 4G wireless services. During the day, the sun is unobstructed and the ambient temperature outside the cabinet on the roof is too high. The ambient temperature on the roof of the building in summer is at least 10-15°C higher than the air temperature. The roof temperature in Yuncheng can reach 43″C in summer.

The outer units of most cabinet air conditioners face south and west, and the outer units are directly exposed to the sun. The ambient temperature of the outside machine is too high, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the air conditioner. The high temperature also leads to a gradual decline in the cooling efficiency of air conditioners.

4. Integrated cabinet product design cannot meet demand

Manufacturers all have air conditioner cover opening area smaller than condenser heat dissipation area. In addition, the opening is obliquely downward, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the external machine, and ineffective heat exchange, which affects the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

Poorly sealed and insulated cabinets will result in loss of cold capacity and ingress of external heat, which will eventually lead to high cabinet temperatures.

Integrated outdoor cabinet high temperature solution

Changing the position and orientation of the cabinet is expensive and cannot completely eliminate the high temperature. After the manufacturer changes the opening area and orientation of the air conditioner cover, the high temperature cannot be completely eliminated.

Only by replacing the high-power cabinet air conditioner can the hidden danger of high temperature be solved.

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