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Batteries are the shortcomings of base station energy saving

1. The recommended battery temperature is 15°C~ 25°C, and the maximum allowable temperature is only 30°C.

2. The applicable temperature of other equipment is 0-35°C. Maximum allowable temperature is 45°C or 60°C

3. When the temperature of the battery increases by 1°C, its capacity decreases by 1%;

4. When the temperature rises, the corrosion of the battery plate will increase, and more water will be consumed at the same time, which will shorten the battery life. And if a long-term temperature increase of 10°C will reduce the service life by about half.

shortcomings of wooden barrels

Hop battery cabinet air conditioner temperature control solution

Overview of energy saving solutions for battery cabinets

We have three different solutions, assembled indoor battery compartment, customized indoor battery compartment and customized outdoor battery compartment.

Assembled indoor battery compartment

1. No need to re-disassemble/install the battery pack2. No control risk of battery installation quality3. There is no risk of power failure of the base station due to sudden interruption of AC power during the transformation process4. The overall energy-saving renovation cost is lower5.  Especially suitable for energy-saving transformation of existing base stations
indoor battery cabinet air conditioner

The energy-saving effect tested in various regions shows that the annual energy-saving effect of this program is 50% to 80%.

Customized indoor battery compartment

1. The cabinet is prefabricated in the factory, and there is no workload to build the battery compartment on site2. All six sides of the battery pack are insulated, with good airtightness and good heat preservation3. Even temperature distribution inside the battery cabinet4. Need to disassemble/install the battery pack again, pay attention to the battery installation quality5. Risk: The AC power is suddenly interrupted during the renovation process, causing the base station to lose power6. Each set of batteries needs to be equipped with a cabinet and a battery cabinet air conditioner, and the overall energy-saving renovation cost is relatively high7. More suitable for the implementation of new base stations 
Customized indoor battery cabinet air conditioner
Customized indoor battery cabinet air conditioner

Customized outdoor battery compartment

For outdoor battery cabinets, you can check another more detailed article (View more)

The advantages of Hop battery cabinet air-conditioning temperature control solution

Good energy saving effect

1. Accurate and reliable base station air-conditioning linkage to ensure consistent base station temperature control basis

2. Intelligent logic to avoid over-frequency start and stop of base station air conditioners

3. Combination of multi-level energy-saving functions including internal fan sleep

Powerful system functions, low integrated system cost

1. Built-in standard two base station air conditioner linkage control function

2. Built-in standard battery pack hydrogen discharge control function

3. Built-in optional intelligent fresh air/heat exchange linkage control function

4. No additional control module is required, the built-in air-conditioning control board realizes all functions

Convenient operation interface

1. LCD display operation panel

2. No need to memorize codes, all functions can be realized in Chinese menu mode

Complete system scheme design and on-site implementation support

1. Provide consultation on energy-saving system design

2. Provide system function modification and customization

3. Provision of cabinet prototypes

4. Construction guidance for on-site reconstruction model project 

The 4-fold energy-saving effect of Haopu battery cabinet air conditioner

1. Battery cabinet zone temperature control, increase the base station air conditioner temperature set point, and reduce the base station air conditioner running time

2. The unique internal fan sleep technology of Invic battery cabinet air conditioner, when the temperature in the battery compartment is low, the internal fan stops

3. The battery compartment air conditioner is linked to the base station air conditioner, which can control the start and stop of the fan in the base station air conditioner, reduce the energy consumption of the fan in the base station air conditioner, and solve the problem that the maximum temperature of the civil air conditioner is set to 30 ℃ and cannot reach 35 ℃

4. Increase the base station temperature set point, increase the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and extend the effective working time of fresh air or heat exchangers 

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