How To Choose Enclosure Air Conditioner?

Enclosure air conditioner is an industrial cabinet air conditioner used in cabinet sealing environment. Unlike common split air conditioners, it uses an integrated body. According to its characteristics, we can choose the appropriate air conditioner model according to the following dimensions

1. Work environment

Unlike household air conditioners, cabinet air conditioners must be used in a closed environment. And the space cannot be too large, and the cooling capacity is not enough to achieve the effect of cooling

2. Working voltage

Can provide DC-48V power supply and AC220V power supply. In addition, other power supply voltages cannot be used, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

3. The size of the sealed space

The size of the sealed space has a great influence on the cooling effect of the air conditioner. After strict verification, the appropriate air conditioner model should be selected according to the recommendation of the technician

4. The amount of heat produced

The heat production of the equipment in the sealed space is also an important factor that affects the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Through the energy consumption and use of the equipment, the approximate heat dissipation can be estimated, and the technician can recommend the appropriate air conditioner model

How to choose a suitable enclosure air conditioner should be analyzed according to specific environmental conditions. If you have any needs, you can send an email to let us know, and we will provide you with the most suitable cabinet temperature control solution. 

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