What Is Door Air Conditioner?

The air conditioners we usually see are either split type air conditioners hung on the wall or large desktop air conditioners standing on the ground. Is the door air conditioner installed on the door? Yes, door air conditioners can also be called cabinet air conditioners, which are air conditioners used in industrial equipment. They are often used in communication cabinets, energy control cabinets, and electrical equipment sealed cabinets.

Door air conditioner is installed on the door that opens the equipment cabinet. The flange thread design is simple to install and does not occupy space in the cabinet. Later maintenance is also very convenient, just open the cabinet door.

Our cabinet air conditioners have two power input modes: DC-48V and AC220V. According to your actual needs, choose different types of air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 200W-5000W. The air conditioner is equipped with RS485 communication, so you can develop the corresponding software yourself.

The cabinet air conditioner adopts an integrated design, and the compressor and condenser are all together. Although it has many advantages, it can only be used in industry, not home use. So friends who want to buy cabinet air conditioners must be aware of this. 

The refrigerant of the cabinet air conditioner is R134a. If this refrigerant is not allowed in your area, you can only choose peltier air conditioner or air to air heat exchanger. The former adopts semiconductor refrigeration technology, while the latter achieves the purpose of cooling by exchanging air with different heat inside and outside. 

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