Outdoor Power Cabinet Design 8 Basic Requirements

The Outdoor Power Cabinet is a solution that provides an outdoor operating environment, security management, and monitoring network for wireless telecom sites. It integrates the outdoor cabinet, temperature control unit, telecom power supply, monitoring unit, network management system, AC and DC power distribution units, and surge protective devices. It also provides sufficient space for housing customer equipment.

Power system includes Power cabinet and Battery Cabinet.

Cabinet specifications like dimension, weight, strength, easy transportation are important.

1. Cabinet should be anti-dust and waterproof and The valid certificate should be submitted to test IP 55 and Anti-scratch

2. Power and Battery cabinet should be separate and capable of stacking above. Capability of installing beside is optional and must be applicable if requested by operator.

3. All system should meet IP55 requirements and passed color coating test.

4. Cabinets should be isolated against heat and cool. It is necessary for the body to have 2 layers (inner and outer), between the 2 layers thermal insulation (polyurethane) with thickness of 30mm±5 and density of 80 should be used. (The body of the cabinet should be similar to

the sandwich panel)

5. Metal thickness of the outer layer of cabinet should be at least 1.5mm with against rusting and scratch. The material of the inner layer should be galvanized sheet with 1mm thickness.

6. To increase the thermal insulation performance, there should be minimal metal contact between the inner and outer layer.

7. Some enough hangers should be considered inside of rack (bottom, two sides) and on duct of cables to fix cables properly by plastic tie wrap.

8. AC power cable should enter to the power system from back of cabinet to have enough space for DC cables and fibers.

outdoor power cabinet

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