How to Solve Frosting of Air Conditioner Compressor

Solve Frosting of Compressor for Air Conditioner.

Now there are many ways to defrost the evaporator:

1. Four-way valve defrosting,

2. hot air defrosting,

3. Electric defrosting,

4. Water flushing frost.

But all these defrosting methods may cause incomplete defrosting.

For example, if the defrosting time is not enough, the defrosting of the evaporator is not complete. With the gradual accumulation, the overall frosting of the evaporator will inevitably be serious, which will cause frosting of the compressor.

Less refrigerant can also cause compressor frost

The reasons are as follows:

Everyone’s first reaction is that there is less refrigerant, and the suction superheat of the system is high, that is, the suction temperature of the compressor will be high. How could it cause frost on the compressor?

Due to the extremely small flow rate of the refrigerant, the first expandable space will start to expand after the refrigerant flows out of the rear end of the throttle valve. Most of us see frosting at the rear end of the expansion valve often due to lack of fluorine or expansion valve caused by insufficient flow.

If there is too little refrigerant expansion, the entire evaporator area will not be utilized, and only low temperature will be formed locally in the evaporator. Due to the small amount of refrigerant, the rapid expansion of some areas will cause the local temperature to be too low, and the evaporator will frost. , due to the heat insulation layer formed on the surface of the evaporator and the heat transfer in this area is low.

As the refrigerant expands, it will be transferred to other areas, gradually frosting or freezing will occur on the entire evaporator, and the entire evaporator will form a thermal insulation layer. Then the expansion will spread to the return air pipe of the compressor, causing the return air of the compressor to frost, which in turn causes the compressor to frost.

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