Reasons For Using Outdoor Cabinet Air Conditioner On Battery Cabinets

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At present, most mobile telecom base stations use advanced valve-regulated sealed lead acid batteries (VRLA, Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery). The cell voltage is generally 2V. When in use, multiple cells are connected in series to form a 48V battery pack.

The Battery Life

 1. Before the capacity of the battery is reduced to a fixed value, the number of charge and discharge cycles of the battery is called the cycle life.

 2. When the ambient temperature does not exceed 30°C, the floating charge life of the battery can reach more than 10 years.

3. Usually the time when the remaining battery capacity drops to 50% is called the storage life. The storage temperature of the battery should not be too high. When the ambient temperature is 25°C, the storage life can be up to 18 months, and when the ambient temperature is 40°C, the storage life is only 5 months.

It can be seen that the maintenance of the battery during use should be taken seriously.

Requirements For Operating Environment Of Battery:

1. The battery should be installed horizontally as much as possible, and at the same time, the ground load-bearing safety must be ensured.

2. Ensure that the distance between the battery pack and other equipment is not less than 500mm, which is convenient for maintenance;

3. Avoid direct sunlight to the battery and stay away from the heat source for more than 2m.

4. The temperature of each battery in the battery pack is uniform, and the temperature difference does not exceed 5°C;

5. Ensure that the temperature of the base station computer room should not exceed 30°C and not less than 5°C to ensure the normal operation of the computer room air conditioner;

The main reasons for the short service life of batteries:

1. The air conditioner in the computer room is faulty, resulting in continuous high temperature

2. The battery is heated and deformed, and the shell is faulty and cracks

3. The reduced sealing performance causes air to enter, and the battery leaks at night;

4. Frequent outages of AC mains in suburban base stations have caused frequent charging and discharging of batteries and long-term power deficits.

In summary, we suggest to equip the battery with outdoor cabinet air conditioner to keep the battery at a stable and suitable temperature and prolong its service life.