Which Refrigerant is Better for Cabinet Air Conditioners?

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As we all know, the depletion of the ozone layer and the intensification of the global warming process have become increasingly serious global environmental problems. This presents serious challenges for the refrigeration and air conditioning heat pump industry.

Among the conventional refrigerants that meet the requirements of environmentally friendly refrigerants, R410a and R134a are more commonly used. Taking into account the industry standard requirements: the cabinet air conditioner needs to be able to work normally under the condition of 55 ℃ inside and outside.

The evaporation pressure of R134a is 3.78bar and the condensing pressure is 14.81bar. The R410a has a relatively high working pressure, the evaporation pressure is 10.41bar, and the condensing pressure is 34.85bar.
Outdoor communication base stations are mostly built in unattended places throughout the year. The air-conditioning system requires high stability and is affected by harsh environments such as solar radiation. Therefore, it is more reasonable to use R134a low-pressure refrigerant.

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