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The outdoor misting cooling system of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner. At the same time, it can improve the operation state of the internal circulation system of the central air conditioner and prolong the service life of the air conditioner. It is a good helper to cool down the outdoor air conditioner in summer!

In the face of high temperature weather, air conditioners are essential. However, once the outdoor units of the air conditioners are exposed to the outside, once the operation exceeds the threshold, it is inevitable that failures will occur, or even the lines will be burned. Urgent problems.

outdoor misting cooling system for ac
working principle of outdoor misting cooling system of air conditioner

The outdoor misting cooling system for air conditioner outdoor unit is the humidifier of the air conditioner unit. It mainly uses the high-pressure pump to pressurize and transport the filtered water, and sprays and cools the air conditioner outdoor unit. The temperature value, when the temperature exceeds the automatic spray cooling, when the temperature is lower than the set value, stop spraying. In the whole spraying process, the energy consumption is low, the water mist particles are small, the efficiency is high, no clogging or dripping, and the use time is long.

Precautions for the installation of the misting cooling system of air conditioner

1. The installed nozzle should choose the appropriate model. The water mist particles are small and evenly distributed. And it should not only cool the temperature in time, but also not wet the equipment.

2. The spray of the nozzle is parallel to the fin of the outdoor unit, and it is not directly sprayed on it. Avoid long-term spray damage to the air conditioner.

3. The equipment is equipped with a water cut-off protection device, which automatically shuts down when there is a shortage of water to reduce equipment damage.

4. Choose water pipes and nozzles with better quality.

5. Do not use the method of connecting the power supply circuit of the outdoor unit in series to control the start and stop of the sprinkler equipment

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outdoor misting cooling system for air conditioner

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