4 Functions of Misting System for Gardens

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What are the functions and control methods of misting system in landscape gardens? People often see clouds and mists in various scenic spots, gardens, parks and other places. In fact, this is the use of the atomization system to create fog and cool down, which can increase the viewing degree of the landscape. , while enhancing the experience of tourists. It looks like a foggy forest, all call it a garden fog system.

The misting system is also a cold fog system and an artificial fog system. Mainly in a natural way, using high-voltage system, filter system, protection system, atomization system, etc., to form small negatively charged water mist. It can combine with the positive charge in the air to quickly form a white mist. And floating in the air for a long time, to achieve the effect of atomization landscaping, but also make the air moist and cool.

Hop misting system function:

1. The atomized particles are small, forming a cloudy scene, which is widely used in garden attractions, park rockeries, etc.

2. Effective dust reduction, the water mist floating in the air will continuously condense and settle with the dust particles, and achieve the purpose of dust reduction.

3. The water mist absorbs heat energy, giving people a cool feeling, and will not wet the road and pedestrians.

4. Increase the content of negative oxygen ions in the air, filter impurities, and improve the working and living environment.

Whether it is a scenic area, a garden, a park, a villa, a rockery, or a square, Hop technology formulates a spray mist cooling solution according to the parameters provided by the customer, and reduces the cost, energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving on the basis of meeting the needs.

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misting system for gardens

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