5 Precautions For Cabinet Air Conditioner Installation

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With the increasing maturity of air-conditioning technology, more and more users have put forward the requirement of installing cabinet air conditioner in the electrical control cabinet. Common wall-mounted cabinet air conditioners and top-mounted cabinet air conditioners. 

When we install cabinet air conditioners, we must pay attention to the following 5 points:

1. The electrical control cabinet must be sealed;

2. The top-mounted air conditioner cannot bend the top plate of the electric control cabinet, and the top plate should be strengthened if necessary;

3. Be sure to pay attention to the discharge of condensate. After the cabinet air conditioner is installed, the condensate pipe should be inserted into the outlet hole to prevent the condensate from flowing into the cabinet. Nowadays, there are manufacturers that produce air conditioners without condensate discharge (condensate vaporizes quickly).

4. A door switch should be installed. The air conditioner should be cut off when the door is opened to avoid condensation in the cabinet. At the same time, the air conditioner can be switched on again after the door is closed for 5 minutes;

5. Keep the air circuit in the cabinet unblocked, and avoid obstruction at the air inlet and outlet.

When the ambient temperature is higher than the temperature in the cabinet or the ambient temperature is higher than the required temperature in the cabinet (usually 35°C), then you should consider using a cabinet air conditioner.

In addition, when the air circulation inside and outside the cabinet is required to be isolated, industrial air conditioners should also be considered. Because the air circulation inside and outside the cabinet is isolated from each other, it can effectively prevent harmful, humid gas and dust from entering the cabinet.

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