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Fan cooling is achieved by enhancing air convection to achieve cooling. The advantages of this method are low investment and low operating costs. But the shortcomings of fan cooling are particularly prominent.


Because when the air is convective, dust, oil, and corrosive substances in the outside air also enter the control cabinet with the air, and are adsorbed on the electronic components under the action of static electricity.


1. In different working environments, sometimes the circuit board will be corroded,

2. Sometimes too thick dust can conduct electricity after being wet, which will cause short-circuit, burnout and other accidents.

There are even such users in China. When the cooling effect of the fan is not good, they have no choice but to open the case and use the fan to blow directly at the electronic components. The consequence is that the dust backlog is more serious, and the temperature in the working environment is very high. In this case, there is no cooling effect at all. 

Therefore, although the advantages of fan cooling are outstanding, we must consider the consequences of dusty electronic components after long-term use of fan cooling before use. Taking into account the influence of the season, the use of fans for cooling in summer will greatly reduce the cooling effect. 

It is recommended to try to use 300W cabinet air conditioner instead of fan cooling, which not only avoids the shortcomings of fan cooling, but also has a better cooling effect in summer. It can extend the service life of electronic components and the normal operation of communication equipment. 

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