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How to solve the bad environment of electrical cabinet has become more and more important. In a modern industrial environment. Various types of electrical control cabinets can be seen everywhere. With the continuous development of technology, the complexity of various electrical control systems is increasing, and the harsh environment they face is also gradually increasing.

At present, there are mainly the following 5 categories:

1. Dust class. Such as metal dust in steel plants, coal dust in coal-producing areas, various fibers in textile working areas, and so on.

2. Fog type (gas type). Toxic and corrosive gases, oil mist in the processing center area, spray in the painting workshop of an automobile factory, etc.

3. Humidity. Such as various wading areas, rainy days, and the rainy season in Jiangnan area and so on.

4. Temperature. The calorific value of various high temperature areas and various components.

5. Interference. Such as electromagnetic interference.

The above-mentioned environmental factors affect the resolution of problems, and in many cases they influence each other.

For example, the most common type 1 and 2 impacts in the field are solved by improving the IP level of the components and the cabinet, or increasing the sealing of the cabinet.

But the side effect of this approach is that it seriously affects the air flow in the cabinet and directly affects the heat dissipation. However, if the installation of a fan is used to solve the heat dissipation problem, it will bring disadvantages to the solution of the impact of the first and second categories.

Therefore, we recommend the use of electrical cabinet air conditioners, which can perfectly solve these five types of environmental impacts, keep the electronic components in a more suitable environment, and extend their service life.

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